Thalia Cokkinos - Harp Muse

Greenwich, CT Harpist

Thalia Cokkinos - Harp Muse


Greenwich, CT harpist, Thalia Cokkinos started studying harp in 1995. and has been composing since just before owning her first harp. She is a certified therapeutic music practitioner trained through the Music for Healing and Transition Program ( and a member of the Hudson Harp Consort and the Pioneer Harper's Guild.  

Thalia presented a one-woman show in 10/06 with harp, guitar, dance, and theatrical/improvisational monologue.  She will also be appearing in the "Greenwich Has Got Talent" variety show on 10/16 & 17, 2009.

Thalia is available for weddings, church services, and therapeutic music in the New York, CT area. 



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